New Solar Panel Material Creates 190% More Electricity

Scientists have come across a new material at Lehigh University in the US that could revolutionize next-generation solar panels. Preliminary findings reveal that this material helps create 190 percent more electricity.

In their experiment, scientists developed a new material that surpasses the theoretical efficiency limit of traditional solar cells, achieving an absorption efficiency rate of 190 percent. Professor Chinedu Ekuma, from Lehigh University, described this breakthrough as a significant advancement in sustainable energy solutions.

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Realme is Also Launching a New Phone Series Soon

Just like its Chinese rival Redmi, Realme is also about to introduce a new smartphone series soon. But while Redmi’s new Turbo series will likely start off in India, Realme’s new lineup is going to target India first.

The news comes soon after Realme launched the 12x in India. Now Realme India’s official X (formerly Twitter) account has revealed that it will be introducing a new smartphone series in the country soon.